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Unusual accommodation

Here you can stay in the modernly equipped laboratory “Honey” rooms, in the monastic cells from the 17th century of the Barefoot Carmelites monastery. For those who are missing nature, we suggest sleeping in a billion-star hotel – in the tents/campers under the open sky. Find out more about our spaces here.


Our chef Edmundas and his team can cater a group of up to 100 people according to their needs and preferences (rich selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes). The team serves hot meals three times a day, and in-between prepares two coffee breaks with snacks. Price for one participant – from 12 Eur/day.

Hiking trails

Hiking guide Vytautas is well acquainted with the surroundings of Antalieptė, Gražutė, and Sartai regional parks so that he can advise or organize an experiential hike in nature for you. You can choose what you prefer more: kayak paddle, bike pedal, or comfortable sneakers. By the way – unique, self-cognition and friendship hikes are taking place at night!


In the basement of the Barefoot Carmelites Monastery, you will find a fully equipped woodworking workshop. There are three folk artists’ workshops in and around the town, where you can also make a variety of crafts.

Education in the beehive

Beekeeper Vincas knows everything about the life of bees – he wrote several books about it. Familiarize yourself with Vincas‘ job, lifestyle of bees and try to harvest honey from the beehive yourself in the old monastery garden.


Archery is an amusement that requires concentration and focus, but at the same time is relaxing and positive. Having recently upgraded our shooting range, bow and arrow kits, we invite you to discover different experiences and throw a bow shooting competition after a busy training day.


It is a small, single-seat boat with a pointed end, which can be used for solo boating or throwing kayak’s competition! We have 10 kayaks and are ready to show you the mazes of Antalieptė Lagoon.


Museums and galleries

The former Antalieptė hydroelectric power plant houses two museums: the history of the region and technology. You will also find a museum of history nearby, as well as an art gallery in the nearby town of Dusetos, where artists such as Šarūnas Sauka hold their exhibitions..

WAKE INN Zarasai

It is a wakeboard park in Zarasai Island, in Zarasai. Here you will also find the biggest water trampoline park in Lithuania – Water Inn. When staying in Innovator’s Valley, you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and quietness, and it will take up to half an hour to reach the WAKE INN ZARASAI by admiring the picturesque views along the way.

Horse riding

“Antalieptė horses” offers you the opportunity to learn to ride a horse, to ride in a carriage-style carriage, antique sleigh, or to have a photoshoot with the horses that are successful in various competitions.

Fishing paradise

We invite passionate fishing lovers and anyone who wants to try this activity to visit Antalieptė, the center of the Fishing Paradise: the particular section of the river Šventoji, Antalieptė Lagoon, and Sartai. A fisherman’s ticket is available at the local store of Antalieptė.

Two regional parks

The Innovator Valley is surrounded by the Sartai and Gražutė regional parks, so visiting us will allow you to get to know the cognitive walkways nearby, famous spots and objects, and of course, the quietness of nature.

Historical village

The community of Antalieptė organizes mythological theatrical excursions to explore the region. We can accompany you to find the best way to spend your leisure time and introduce you to the local community, who will openly share their story.



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