Innovators' Valley

A place where history meets innovation

Lab Medus (Honey) - co-living and co-working space

Co-living and co-working concepts are increasingly used in the foreign countries, however, they are not yet fully developed in Lithuania. Co-living and co-working concepts are associated with the new-fashioned lifestyle, when living and working spaces are shared by various creators, business people, innovators and freelancers, influencing community. Unique space like this aims to inspire and encourage the residents to be proactive authors, and in their free time to communicate and get to know other specialists this way opening up opportunities for the new ideas.

In the laboratory “Honey” we can accommodate 38 people in spacious rooms of 3-6 places. Here we also have two seminar halls, where you will find the projector and everything else you need for your training or other events. On the first floor we have kitchen and the dining room – here you can prepare your food or we can do that for you.

Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites - co-living and co-working space

The monastery of the Barefoot Carmelites was built in the 17th and has a long history. which served many purposes before During its lifetime, the building has served many purposes  – it was a monastery, an orphanage, a school, a military spot, and even an agricultural technical school. Currently the monastery is being renewed and reconstructed to a creativity and co-working space. This space is perfectly suitable for plain airs, camps, and creative workshops.

The monastery can accommodate 90 people in spacious rooms – monastic cells with 4-9 beds. Also, here we have several seminar rooms, one very spacious hall, a sanitary unit and a kitchen where, like in Laboratory Medus (Honey), you can prepare your food or we can do it for you.



Skills lab – alternative school of informal education

It is a project working with children from deprived families, usually having interpersonal and behavioural issues. In one month long camps Skills lab helps children to develop necessary skills required for independent life and seeks for their interpersonal change through wood craftsmanship workshops, cooking lessons, interactive leisure activities and provided psychological help.

There are 14 sleeping spaces, one seminar room and a kitchen.

More information – www.igudziulaboratorija.lt

Kamariškės Manson – Slow living place

The Manor park is located at the Lithuanian-Latvian border. There is no internet or mobile connection, the nearest small village is almost 3 km away. This we see as an opportunity to create the first space in Lithuania for a slow living, where people come to escape from rush, tension, devote time for themselves. The place would be non-binding, allowing you to freely choose what you want to do and with whom to be. This year, we are going to start reconstructing the buildings that have survived in the historic park – first and foremost, trying to cover the roofs of the historic mansion wings to protect them from collapse as soon as possible. Also, in the near future, we want to cover the remaining buildings in the park. Later, by decorating and developing spaces, we want to combine the history of the mansion and innovations, with the use of natural materials. We do not intend to rebuild the collapsed buildings in the park because we assume that this is also a history that is more valuable preserved and protected from further loss.

The nature

One of the great advantages of the Innovator Valley is its nature. Located at the intersection of Sartai and Gražutė Regional Parks, you can visit Lake Liedys, the Antalieptė Lagoon, the Shavasha Trail, the only remains of a pagan temple in Eastern Lithuania – the Lūžai Stone with a Bowl. The Innovator Valley itself is located in several buildings, so there is no shortage of space here either. There is a bathing area among the buildings, and the meadows and forests surrounding it are perfect for games or recreation. Cooking food in specially equipped campfires and climbing the hill to a stadium that turns into a tent campus at night. Here you will also learn about the bees, one of the most important attributes of the Innovator Valley. Canoeing, cycling, horse riding or hiking, archery, apiary education are just a fraction of what Innovator Valley Nature has to offer.




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