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Innovators’ Valley was founded in 2015 by the “National Social Integration Institute” team, aiming to open the door for creativity and working space in nature. Our main objective is the development of social business and social innovations.

We have chosen bees as the principal attribute of the Innovator’s Valley. Beehive symbolizes order, collaboration, and harmony with which we align in the Innovator’s Valley.

Our values include empathy, close community feeling, and connection with nature. Those are also reflected in the activities which we carry out.  We openly discuss human rights, social exclusion, social innovations, youth education, and ecology questions. Apart from that, we organize local as well as international training and projects that would positively affect mentioned areas.

Innovators’ Valley is open to collaboration – here you can organize your training, seminars, or other events. Also, in our team and between our acquaintances we have plenty of specialists that work with social projects and businesses. Therefore, by prior agreement, we can organize training regarding human rights, media and computer literacy, social business, leadership, or apprenticeship topics. We also arrange team-building activities. You are free to come here either alone or with the group, to work, create, or to relax. Moreover, we kindly welcome volunteers, generators of ideas, and everyone eager to join us with positive emotions and helping hands. Let‘s communicate, create innovations, and support each other!


Co-creation and co-living spaces

We organise seminars, workshops and festivals

We create solutions to social problems using social innovations

We provide amazing opportunities for your work and leisure.



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