Innovator's valley

Responsible creators

Social business

The primary mission of social business is not only to generate 
profit, but to work for the benefit of the community, society, 
and to solve the most pressing social problems. Social business 
works in tandem with social innovations - new ideas, products, 
services aimed at meeting social needs, solving social and economic 
problems, reducing public spending. We are a social business and 
we are looking for ways to develop such business ourselves and 
support its creation in Zarasai district and all over Lithuania.

No plastic policy

The Valley of Innovators advocates responsible consumption, 
so we are deliberately reducing or abandoning plastic in our 
events and festivals. Also, all our buildings are equipped with 
sorting containers. We always encourage the second use of items 
and the conservation of available resources.

Project based activities

Positive - employment of non-formal education for school-age children living in Antalieptė.

Active Antalieptė - we encourage the people of Antalieptė to choose a more active leisure 
time and discover the benefits of exercise by organizing free yoga, kalanetics and other 

Innovative approach - Sustainable environment - we organize information events for different 
target groups in Zarasai district, where we share information about the potential of the 
European Union funds for expanding small business, developing a strong community, etc .; assist 
and advise in case of questions; we invite specialists for informative announcements.

European Voluntary Service (EVS) - We work with the International Youth Cooperation Agency (JTI) 
and receive volunteers from different European countries each year. They bring their ideas to 
the local people, broaden their horizons and those of others, and contribute to our work with 
their ideas and projects.

Local food

Almost all the food we buy comes from local farmers. We believe that supporting local 
farms can help them grow and thus contribute to economic growth in the Zarasai area. 
In addition, food that reaches the Innovator Valley in this way is always fresh and only 
of the highest quality.

Skills' laboratory

It is a joint project of the Non-formal Education Home (NUN) and the Innovators Valley, 
which is a one-month apprenticeship camp. In addition to gaining practical knowledge of 
how to work with trees, the participants selected for the camp work together with 
psychologists and professional managers to find answers to their concerns; raising 
awareness of oneself and applying the acquired knowledge to one's environment.



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