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Working with different non-formal education projects, we have mobilized a broad and diverse range of social capital. We collaborate with experienced speakers, practitioners, artists and inspirers who can assist with your personal and community projects on human rights, ecology, nature awareness, and awareness. We are open to innovative event ideas and can accompany you to the professional implementation of such events.

Nature School Youth Camp

Weekly camp for young people in Antalieptė, at the intersection of Sartai and Gražutė regional parks, where we will learn the subtleties of nature. We will learn how to recognize plants and animals, make various tools, and acquire the basic and most important skills to survive in nature. This will allow you to experience adventure hiking with an experienced hiking guide, during which you will have the opportunity to get to know not only the beautiful forests and fields of Lithuania, but also each other.

Educational camp for girls „Real Girl Power“

Weekend Camp for 12 – 15 Year Old Girls: How to Really Love Your Body? How not to become a victim of stereotypes? How to feel balance and manage stress? During the camp, we will learn to relax, to ignore the existing stereotypes about women. The camp will be rich in both professional knowledge and practical training. Yoga, calanetics, psychodrama classes, non-formal training will take place throughout the camp. Together we will develop awareness and a sense of happiness.

Social business camp „BizZz“

A weekend-long camp / convention for the whole family, aimed at breaking down all existing myths about social business and providing examples of such business. During the camp, participants will have the opportunity to listen to various lectures, attend seminars and contribute to social business issues themselves. This camp is a great opportunity to discuss social business (and not only!) In an informal setting with people who have been following this path for a long time.



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